Together Council is the supreme decision-making body for our union, made up of elected delegates from all areas of our union. Council either makes or endorses key decisions in relation to union policy and activities, including union rules, fee structures, support for specific campaigns, and plans for future union growth.

The most important principle guiding our union’s democratic processes is that the delegates who are affected by a decision are the ones who should make that decision.

Collective agreement campaigns are led by delegates who consult with their members and make the key decisions relating to how the campaign will run. For example, delegates from the Core Public Service agencies will decide on the strategy for the collective agreement campaign for that area.

As a large body, Council elects committees to consider policy issues in depth and then report back with recommendations to the larger body.  These include the Community Engagement Committee, the Regional Issues Committee, Finance Committee, and the Ombudsman’s Committee.

Under the rules of the union, different Council delegates are allocated weighted votes depending on the number of members they represent. Most decisions of council require a simple majority to amend, but decisions relating to the rules require a two-thirds majority and are conducted via postal ballot. Council meetings are subject to Meeting Procedures.

Meetings of Council take place in Brisbane. There are up to four Council meetings a year, chaired by the President. Elections to Union Council are held every two years.

Council is the decision-making body for our union, made up of elected delegates from all areas of our union.

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