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We are Together in Education

Union members in schools and the Department of Education know we can change things together that we can't change alone.

Your union for
Administration Officers
Schools Officers
Science Technicians
Community Education Counsellors
Business Managers
Agricultural Assistants
Speech Language Pathologists
Payroll Officers
IT Officers
Technical Officers
Occupational Therapists
Boating Support Officers
Social Workers
Music Therapists
Unit Support Officers
Community Liaison Officers
Inclusion Coaches
Transition Pathways Officers
Youth Support Coordinators
Youth Workers
Computer Assistants
Senior Computer Assistants
Orange Card School Administrators
Computer Technicians
Computer Systems Administrators
Homestay Coordinators
International Student Coordinators
Engagement Officers
Enrolment Officers
Executive Assistants
Executive Services and Marketing Officers
Facilities Supervisors
Industry Liaison Officers
Marketing and Events Officers
Small Schools Business Managers
Facilities Coordinators
Finance Coordinators
Industry Liaison Coordinators
Facilities Officer
Finance Officers
Human Resources Officers
Indigenous Community Coordinators
Industry and Vocational Training Officers
Marketing Officers

We are Administration Officers, Schools Officers, Science Technicians, Community Education Counsellors, Business Managers, Agricultural Assistants, Speech Language Pathologists, Payroll Officers, IT Officers, Physiotherapists, Technical Officers, Occupational Therapists, Boating Support Officers, Youth Support Workers and so many more roles making Education happen across Queensland.

schools together members

Together represents thousands of public servants in schools across the state, as well as departmental staff and public servants in other agencies.


For me it’s about supporting each other at work. Everybody can be on the same page at the school and you’re part of a network of people like you in hundreds of schools.

Tony, Schools Officer, Waterford West State School
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Together members fought for and won a stand-alone agreement in the Department of Education that delivers for members.


Together members have access to important industrial updates, advice and assistance on the issues that matter in schools and across the Department of Education.

Some useful factsheets for Together members in Schools:

Liz_Stalker_Administration_Officer (3

Being a union member means having a voice for school support staff in the Department of Education. I’m proud of what we do to increase wages, opportunities for progression and to improve school resourcing.

Elisabeth, Admin Officer, Mount Morgan State High School

As a union member you are building a better life. In addition to help at work members have access to a range of other membership benefits.

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