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Value for money

Your union for
Saving money
Legal services
Health insurance
Career launch pad
Saving money
Legal services
Health insurance
Career launch pad
Saving money
Legal services
Health insurance
Career launch pad

Together members have access to benefits collectively that we don’t have alone. Things like collective buying power, discounts at Union Health Funds, our ASU training and professional development program and the ability to have a free will drafted by our union law firm.

To find out more about the added benefits you have as a union member read on.

member advantage

Saving Members' Money

With cost of living pressure being a big issue for members, we know how important it is to save every cent wherever possible.

That’s why we use our bargaining power nationally through the Member Advantage program to secure better deals for members on your weekly shop, and other cost of living expenses to help you with your budget.

Members can sign in to MyPage to access these savings


Union Shopper

Union Shopper is 100% union-owned organisation run solely to benefit members like you.

Union Shopper utilises the buying power of unions across Australia to provide great savings and services to members and their families. It offers discounts on electrical items, new cars, discounted gift cards, movie tickets, wine, travel, entertainment, finance, daily shopping and much more. Not to mention, hundreds of offers available for entertainment and leisure activities.

By making one relatively large purchase, or a few smaller purchases, through Union Shopper, you could easily save more than your annual union fees.

ASU career launchpad

Career Launchpad

The ASU Career Launchpad is your exclusive member-only professional development program designed to help you take the next step in your career.

We have courses that are live and interactive with presenters who are experts in their field, as well as online video workshops available on-demand that you can undertake at your own pace.

Visit the Career Launchpad site for details of the latest courses.

maurice blackburn we fight for fair

Legal Services

As a member of Together ASU you have the bonus advantage of having Maurice Blackburn in your corner.

We have a 100-year history of fighting for Australians to get a fair go, and we have fought alongside and on behalf of trade unions every step of the way. That's a century of providing successful and innovative legal advice to trade unions across Australia, covering workplace disputes, industrial action, good faith bargaining, breaches of awards and agreements, and union right of entry matters.

Find out more about the legal services members can access.

union health - fairer together

Member Discounts

Union Health is a local not-for-profit health fund. We exist to serve the health needs of all union members and their families - from public servants and tradies, to nurses and ambos, and everyone in between! 

Union Health is powered by TUH, one of Australia’s most trusted health funds. Thanks to their support, Union Health now protects the health of Australians from a much wider range of industries. Like TUH, we believe in fairness and treat everyone as an individual, not a number. 

Find out more about Union Health.

Maurice Blackburn Free Will Service

Free Will Service

Maurice Blackburn has developed an Online Will service that is easy and fast to use.

The Online Will service drastically improves the time it takes to prepare a Will and removes the need for documents to be exchanged via traditional mail. 

You can use the Online Will service by joining today.



Civil liability insurance cover is provided to members employed as allied health professionals in a range of employers.

Read more about the civil liability insurance policy here.

Correctional Officers have a legal costs insurance policy, in addition to the standard union legal service, as part of their membership

Read more about the Correctional Officers legal costs insurance scheme here. 

1x1 James Swan

Being union means you’re part of a movement of thousands of workers fighting for a better life. Union members over the years have banded together to access benefits such as access to free legal help, better health insurance and banking options, and more.

James Swan
Together Branch Senior Vice President, Public Service