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We all hope we can come to work and just do our jobs but sometimes, issues arise that are difficult to navigate on your own. Individual union support is about knowing that someone has your back in the workplace. Delegates and industrial officers can provide a second opinion and often have a good understanding from the workers point of view. They can help resolve issues on the spot or, if you are required to attend a meeting; be there to support you before, during and after.

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Enforcing your rights at work

As a member, you get confidential advice on your workplace rights and entitlements as contained in relevant industrial awards, collective agreements, and legislation.

Members get confidential advice on how the union can enforce your existing workplace rights and entitlements.

Where you request it, union staff can engage with your employer to enforce your workplace rights and entitlements.

Where you request it, union representatives will seek to enforce your existing workplace rights and entitlements through appropriate commissions, courts and tribunals.


Campaigning for better rights

As a Together member you will be able to participate in collective bargaining campaigns in your workplace.

As a Together member you will be able to participate in the democratic decision making process of the union which control our industrial campaigns.

As a Together member you will be able to participate in the union’s decision to determine the industrial priorities within our industrial campaigns

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Other membership benefits

Members get access to the legal services of Maurice Blackburn lawyers.

Members also get access to the savings available through Member Advantage.

Members can access free professional development programs through Career Launchpad.

Professional Indemnity insurance cover is provided to members employed as allied health professions in a range of employers.

Correctional Officers have a legal costs insurance policy, in addition to the standard union legal service, as part of their membership.

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Help at work

Where you are subject to actions by your employer (investigations, administrative action, performance management, disciplinary action) or are subject to bullying, or have a injury related to your employment, you can access confidential advice from the union about how to protect your interests.

Where you request it, your union can also represent you in internal process, Workcover processes and actions through relevant industrial tribunals and courts.

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Issues before you join?

In general the union office can only assist and advise a member about processes or issues that arise after that member has joined the union.

The union office may be able to provide advice and representation for issues that arise prior to a member joining the union in relation to sexual harassment and conversion to permanent employment. 

The Branch Secretary may approve advice on issues or processes that  predate a member joining the union but only when these issues are raised with the union at the time of a member making the application to join the union.

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