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Together provides the following information regarding the process of application of the our Privacy Policy.


Together is a union with members employed in the Queensland Public Sector, Queensland Health, Universities and private health and pathology and private sector administration roles.

The kinds of information the union may collect

You may supply personal information to the union by, for example, filling in a meeting attendance sheet, taking part in a competition, completing a membership form, completing an Industrial Assistance Form, discussing your issues with a delegate, industrial officer or signing up to a campaign. The union only collects personal information that is necessary for the union to perform its functions and/or activities.

The purposes for which personal information is held, used and disclosed

The union has entered into service agreements with other organisations for specific purposes including;

Professional Indemnity Policy for Allied Health Therapist members in Queensland Health, Private Sector, Education Queensland and Communities.

Correctional Officer Legal Indemnity Cover

Disclosure of your personal information

The union may disclose your personal information, in connection with, or to further the purposes outlined in the policy to;

  • QCU (based in Queensland)
  • Nation Builder (based in the USA)

By providing your personal information to the Union, you consent to us transferring your personal information to other such organisations for the purposes listed in the policy.

How you may seek to access and/or correct personal information held by the union

You should contact the union when your personal information details change. It is important that we keep our membership details up to date. Please contact 1800 177 244 to update any personal information. You can choose to submit any change of details, including any contact details or employment directly to the union for amendment via our website.

Membership can be contacted at the following address: