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Our Members

Is Together your union? Queensland workers in both the public and private sectors are members of our union, in a range of different jobs and industries.

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Public servants
Queensland Health
Private health
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Child Safety
Legal services
Private pathology
Call Centres
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Who can join our union

Together members work in the Queensland public service, including schools, corrections, and Queensland Health; and in the broader public sector, including universities.

Together also covers the private sector, including allied health professionals and in administrative and clerical roles. Together members work in aged care, private hospitals, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services, call centres, private pathology and the legal industry.


Queensland Health and HHSs

Together has members in Queensland Health and in every Hospital and Health Service (HHS) across Queensland. Together members are Health Practitioners, Clinical Assistants, Medical Officers, Administration Officers as well as members employed in PO, TO and some OO positions.

Read more about Together in Queensland Health.


Queensland public service

Together has members in every Queensland state government department, whether they are permanent, temporary or casual. Together has members employed on labour-hire arrangements as well.

Read more about Together in the Queensland public service.

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Together members in schools include Administrative Officers, Business Managers, Schools Officers, Science Technicians, Agricultural Assistants, Community Education Counsellors, Allied Health Therapists – SLPs, OTs, PTs, Psychologists and Social Workers, Technical Officers, IT Officers, Boating Support Officers and more. Together also represents members in the Department of Education in Regional Offices and Central Office.

Read more about Together in schools.


Queensland public sector

Together represents members employed in the broader Queensland public sector, including a range of statutory authorities.

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Corrections members

Custodial Corrections

Together has members in all Correctional Centres across Queensland. Together members are Custodial Corrections Officers, Administration Officers and other workers who operate and manage Queensland's publicly owned and run prisons.

Read more about Together in Custodial Corrections.


Private Sector Allied Health Professionals

Together represents private sector allied health professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, dietitians, and more. These members work for health and service delivery employers such as Mater, St Vincent's Health, Healthscope, Ramsay and Aurora Healthcare.


Legal services

Our members in the legal industry include administration workers, secretarial staff, lawyers and other professional staff. Together covers workers at Maurice Blackburn, Slater & Gordon and other law firms.


Private Sector administrative and clerical staff

Our members work in administrative, clerical and other roles in offices and companies across the private sector in Queensland. Receptionists, finance staff, administrative support, executive assistants and office managers - Together is the union for office workers.


Private Sector Aged Care

Together members in aged care work in administrative roles and as allied health professionals. Together covers workers at employers like BlueCare and Anglicare.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Services

Our members work in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health services in clerical and administrative roles, and in allied health.


Private healthcare and hospitals

Together represents administrative staff and allied health professionals in private hospitals and healthcare. Together covers workers at employers such as Mater, Ramsay, St Vincent's Health and Healthscope.


Queensland Police Service

Together represents thousands of public servants in the Queensland Police Service across Queensland. Our members are Administration Officers, Communication Room Operators, Policelink Operations, Station Client Service Officers, Roster Clerks, Station Supervisors, Client Liaison Officers, Prosecutors, Intelligence Officers, Protective Security Officers and so many more roles that are integral to keeping our Queensland community safe.

Read more about Together in QPS.


Department of Transport and Main Roads

Together represents thousands of public servants in the Department of Transport and Main Roads across Queensland, ensuring safe roads and public transport options. Our members are an integral part of these public services.

Read more about Together in TMR.



Department of Children, Youth Justice & Multicultural Affairs

Together has members across the Department of Children, Youth Justice & Multicultural Affairs, covering workers in Child Safety and Youth Justice Service Centres, and service delivery roles, across Queensland. Our members are ensuring the safety and connection of children and young people throughout Queensland.

Read more about Together in Child Safety.



Together represents professional and general staff in Queensland universities. At every Queensland University we have members that have committed to be workplace delegates. These delegates represent you and your fellow union members in meetings with management and in consultative forums.

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Call Centres and Contact Centres

Our members work in call centres and contact centres around Queensland. In the state government sector and in the private sector, if you are a call centre worker, Together is your union. Together covers workers at a huge variety of call centre employers, such as TABCORP, VIQ Solutions, QSuper and many others.


Private pathology

Our members in private pathology services are scientists, phlebotomists, laboratory and scientific assistants, administration officers and support staff. Together covers the workers of companies like QML and Sullivan Nicolaides, as well as other large employers such as Red Cross LifeBlood.