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Together members are campaigning for  Reproductive Leave

At the Together Women's Conference in 2023, delegates started considering Reproductive Leave (additional paid leave to be accessed when dealing with symptoms of menstruation, menopause and other reproductive health issues).

Many delegates remarked that this was the first time they felt they could even talk freely about the impact their reproductive health had been having on their working lives.

For many, talking about periods and menopause and all the joys that come with having reproductive organs, is still pretty taboo. It can be deeply uncomfortable, even though it is something that might significantly affect your working life.

In 2024, let's confront the issue head on. Let's talk about it, and what entitlements could help people who need them when dealing with their reproductive health. 

If you would like to be involved in this campaign, fill in the form to sign up.

Keeping in mind that this can still be a sensitive subject, we also have an anonymous survey members can complete, to help tell the story about the impacts of reproductive health on your working lives. Your stories will help formulate what solutions we should be campaigning on. 

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2023 - Womens Conference Image - Delegate discussing issues

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We're asking workers to share their experiences managing menstruation, menopause, and reproductive health in the workplace.