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2022 Trans Awareness Week!

It’s Trans Awareness Week!

Each year between 13-19 November, organisations around the world take part in Trans Awareness Week to raise the visibility of transgender people and address issues facing the trans community.

Every year, Trans Awareness Week finishes in the Trans Day of Remembrance to remember those trans people who have lost their lives due to the violence and discrimination that exists towards trans people in our communities.

Together is proud to celebrate the power, strength, and leadership of trans Together members this week and every week.

There are many barriers for trans and gender diverse workers in the workplace including fear of exclusion, lack of staff education on trans issues, cost & time of medical appointments, fear of missing out on promotions and intrusive questions.  

Union members believe that every worker deserves to be safe and respected at work and have a strong history of standing up for LGBTIQ+ rights. There is a lot of work we can do together to make sure that trans and gender diverse workers feel safe at work and in accessing the services Together members deliver in the community.

This week, it’s important that allies take time to learn how to support trans people and share the stories of trans people in our lives.

Here are some resources: