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Australia has a new government

Late on Saturday night, the new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stood up and said that Australians had voted for change.

We all knew this election was critical.

Together members worked tirelessly during this election. And together, we did it! We helped changed the government!

After 9 years of conservative government in this country, Australia is finally rid of Scott Morrison and his anti-union mates. 

Australians elected a progressive and diverse parliament and a parliament with more women MPs than ever before. Here in Queensland, Together members campaigned in seats like Ryan and Brisbane and were successful in helping defeat LNP members to elect progressive MPs. 

With an incoming Labor government, we have an opportunity for government focused on workers' issues and addressing climate change.

You can be proud to be part of the movement for change. It was Together members who campaigned to ensure Labor committed to:

  • Fixing the NDIS and restoring respect to the community sector and;
  • Giving all workers access to ten days paid domestic violence leave
  • Fixing the crisis in aged care
  • Giving minimum wage earners the best chance of a pay rise
  • Creating more affordable childcare, and;
  • Climate action for the health and future of our planet

This is a massive win for union members and working people across the country.

These are only a few of the commitments that members spent YEARS campaigning for. Well done.

Together members stand for real change, better, fairer workplaces, creating more affordable and social housing. We stand for a First Nations voice being enshrined into parliament through the Uluru Statement of the Heart and we have been tireless in demanding the full implementation of the Respect@Work Report to curb sexual harassment so we can be safer at work.

Together, we campaigned hard for the issues that matter to union members. Now, let’s continue what we started.

Let’s keep up the pressure to ensure this new Government delivers on real action for members, our communities, our youth, and to the health of our planet.