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Celebrating National Corrections Day 2023

Queensland's correctional officers are on the front line every day. Our communities rely on correctional officers to keep everyone safe.

That is why Together members are proud to celebrate National Corrections Day today.

Thanks to the work of Together members, Queensland's correctional officers are the best-paid in the country. In 2022, Together members finally got a new EB certified, won a significant victory on superannuation entitlements, and saw the successful resolution of the long-running 12/12 dispute, meaning that most custodial correctional officers will receive pay increases of at least 10%. All these pay increases are more than richly deserved and they would not have happened without Together members.

Of course the work of union members is far from done. The work of corrections officers remains difficult and dangerous. Every worker deserves a safe place of work and Together corrections members are still standing strong in 2023 for improved safety in our prisons. If you're a correctional officer, the best thing you can do for safety, for better working conditions, and for your colleagues is to be a member of Together.

On behalf of the entire community, we want to celebrate and recognise the vital front-line work of Queensland Corrections staff.