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Go home on time day - 2021

Balancing work and life is becoming even more difficult as workers can now be accessed online at all hours by their employer. Advancing technology is making workers more connected to their work than ever before and the line between work and home can be easily blurred by remote work.

Tomorrow, Together is celebrating Go Home On Time Day. It's a day to start necessary conversations in workplaces about work life balance and the value of your time as workers.

Every year, Australian workers forgo billions of dollars of unpaid overtime by doing work outside of their regular paid hours.


This includes:


working through your breaks

replying to emails out of hours

working on weekends when you aren't scheduled to

In our current pandemic crisis it’s even more important to take the time this year to think about the blurring lines of work and home. Working from home has in some ways made our working lives less challenging, but it has also eliminated some boundaries between home life and work life. It’s really important if you are working from home to remember to “clock off” and leave your work.

Union members have the power to create fairer workplaces that let you spend quality time doing the things you love into the future.

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