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Go Home on Time TODAY.

Today is the day to Go Home on Time. If you leave work late, work through breaks or even check your emails at home, it’s time to clock off and switch off.

Today is the Australia Institute’s Go Home on Time Day, an important reminder that life shouldn’t revolve around work alone.

Balancing work and home life is essential for everyone. But for too many, the work life balance is off. So, make sure you Go Home on Time today and while you’re at it take our unpaid overtime calculator and see if you’re losing out on time you could be spending with family, friends or on hobbies!

Find out how much unpaid overtime is costing you here with our calculator.

It is vital workers can switch off from work and be paid properly for their hours.

ASU members are calling for a legislated 'right to disconnect' to ensure limits around working times are fundamental for all workers.

Join the campaign and add your voice to support the right to clock off and switch off!

Sign the petition here.