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Join us for the March4Justice in Brisbane - Sunday, 27 Feb

March4Justice is a movement of people calling for the end of gender-based violence in Australian society.

Early in 2021, events swirling around federal politics exploded onto a national platform which galvanised Australians to come together to call for the end of sexual violence. In March 2021, over 200 events across Australia popped up and created the grassroots March4justice movement.

It started with a tweet, and from there volunteers in cities and towns all over Australia put up their hands to create a movement unlike what we’ve seen in recent years. 

In 2022, the March4Justice events are back right across the country. The March4Justice movement is calling for 4 key demands;

  1. All women to be safe in Australia. First Nations women must be a priority.
  2. Women to be safe at work and at home.
  3. Real action to end gendered violence and promote gender equality across Australia.
  4. Criminal Justice reform.

Together members will be joining the rally in Brisbane to support the cause and call for women to be safe at work.

Gendered violence is a workplace issue. Gender equality is a workplace issue. Together members have a proud track record for standing up for the rights of women in the workplace. Stemming from the March4Justice rallies last year, our union established the Respect@Work campaign that called for gender pay equity, superannuation and safety at work. 

Together members also successfully campaigned to establish a Queensland Equity Commissioner to promote, encourage and facilitate the achievement of gender equity within the Queensland Public Service. With the commission just beginning, Together members are looking forward to continuing to advocate for gender equality in the public service.

There are public March4Justice events in Warwick, Gold Coast, Cairns and Brisbane this year.

You can find all the events details here. The Brisbane event details are below:

10:30am - 11:30am
Sunday, 27 February 2022
Soundshell Hill,
Brisbane City Botanical Gardens 
Dress code: Black with teal ribbon on your wrist

Click here for the flyer. Please join us and be part of this movement for change.

If you care about issues like eliminating the gender pay gap, gendered violence and achieving gender equality, being a Together union member is an important step in reaching those important goals. We are stronger when we act together as a collective and make our voice loud. If these issues are important to you - join your union today.

Together we are powerful.