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NEW ASU Career Launchpad professional development - Skyrocket your career

Boost your career 🚀 Empower your workplace

Take a look at 4 NEW live webinars on ASU Career Launchpad to boost your skills and build power in your workplace. Our professional development courses are available exclusively for ASU members.  

In our Boost Your Skills series you will gain practical tips and strategies to build your skills and maximise your productivity. Coming up:

  • Learn To Write Impeccably For WorkTake your professional writing skills to the next level with expert professional trainer, Karen Smythe. Skills gained:
    • Advanced writing skills including a review of the principles of writing
    • How to write persuasively, address alternative viewpoints and make clear recommendations of value
    • Integrating research and analysis into your writing
    • Practicing clear, direct and concise writing
    • Learn more
    • When: Monday 28 March - QLD: 1pm-2pm Register now.
  • Mindfulness To Improve Productivity – Master mindfulness techniques to maximise productivity at work with health expert, Dr. Sherelle Connaughton. Key skills:
    • Introduction to mindfulness
    • Ways to calm a busy mind when you are under pressure at work – and even improve your productivity
    • Mindfulness techniques. And more.
    • When: Monday 4 April -  QLD: 1pm-2pm Register now.

Our The Role of the Delegate series supports aspiring ASU workplace delegates with four 30-minute sessions. This series complements formal ASU Delegate Training. Coming up:

  • Session 1: Power and OrganisingIn the first session, learn about power and organisation. Key topics:
  • Employer power and worker’s power - the difference between shared and conflicting interests
  • Key features and benefits of “organised” workplaces
  • When: Wednesday, 30th March 2022 - QLD: 1pm-2pm Register now.
  • Session 2: Analysing Your Workplace (Mapping) - In the second session, learn about workplace mapping and vital workplace organising skills. Key topics:
  • What is workplace mapping?
  • Demonstration of union building tools and discussion about ways to map a workplace
  • When: Wednesday 6 April - QLD: 1pm-2pm Register now.

Remember, our Boost your Skills and The Role of the Delegate are two of many popular ASU Career Launchpad series. Check out the full 2022 catalogue here

All our courses are free and exclusive to ASU members.

We look forward to seeing you on your ASU Career Launchpad.

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