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Superannuation paid on government parental leave win!

We're celebrating a monumental victory for working women across Australia. Thanks to the extensive campaigning, lobbying, media and member power of the Australian Services Union, our national union — yesterday the Federal Government have announced that superannuation will be paid on government-funded paid parental leave.

This is an important step in closing the loophole on unequal super outcomes for women.

This win by ASU members is long overdue in closing the retirement gap – on average women retire with half of the super balances of men.

This is a huge step by ASU members who have tirelessly campaigned to ensure super is paid on every dollar earned, aiming for a secure and dignified retirement for everyone.

Congratulations to all ASU members who have campaigned for this cause for years, alongside the incredible efforts of the late Senator Linda White. A proud unionist, Linda dedicated her life to fighting for equality and justice, particularly for working women. This achievement was one of her greatest goals, and she laid the path to this victory through her dedication and work within the ASU and as a Labor Senator.