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Supercharge Your Excel Skills in 1 hour

Supercharge your Excel skills and get a grasp of coding with ASU Career Launchpad 

Join us for our August live webinar Visual Basic for Excel (Coding for Beginners) - presented by Daniel Cohen 

Tuesday, 29 August 

Time: 7:00pm AEST 

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Excel expert, Daniel Cohen, will transform your skills using the power of coding with Visual Basic. In our 1-hour live webinar, you will learn: 

  1. How to advance your Excel skills: Gain a deeper understanding of Excel's advanced features and functionalities, allowing you to leverage its full potential. 
  1. How to automate in Excel: Learn how to save time and automate repetitive tasks by creating Macros. 
  1. Code behind the macro: Delve deeper into Macros to understand the code that makes them work. Gain confidence in modifying and customising Macros to suit your specific needs. 
  1. Visual Basic demonstration: Witness the power of Visual Basic as you dive into coding and scripting tasks in Excel. Get hands-on experience writing scripts and unlock endless possibilities for enhancing your Excel projects. 

ASU members like you are expanding their digital skills with ASU Career Launchpad. Don't miss out on all the incredible opportunities. 

Take your skills even further with our follow-up live webinar Coding for Professionals (Applied Coding) – Register here to secure your place in September.