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Together members at Maurice Blackburn approve EBA!

Great news for Together members at Maurice Blackburn! Last year, union members and Maurice Blackburn reached in principle agreement regarding the Maurice Blackburn EA.

Reaching an in principle agreement meant that the EBA was put to a vote by all employees at MB. Union members were hoping for a strong 'YES' vote to secure the wins made in this agreement and show what the power of being union can achieve in the workplace.

So it's fantastic news to report that employees at MB have overwhelmingly endorsed the Maurice Blackburn Employees' Agreement 2021 negotiated by the bargaining team. Congratulations!

99% of staff who voted said 'YES' to approve the proposed Agreement. This is a ringing endorsement for the deal negotiated by union members.

Together/ASU members have worked hard to secure a fair increase to pay and conditions for  members at Maurice Blackburn. The 99% approval vote shows the power of union membership at Maurice Blackburn.

The delegates on the national bargaining team deserve a huge thank you. They all put a huge amount of time and effort into these negotiations.

Union members should check their inbox for details about what's next with the approval process, including details about your back pay. If you can't find your email, contact your union office on

Celebrate the win! Ask a colleague to join the union!

Union members have secured a strong Agreement that delivers fair increases to pay and conditions. Celebrate the win by encouraging your colleagues to join your union. We are stronger when we act together.

If you have any questions about the Agreement, get in touch with your local delegates or email