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Transform your communication with assertiveness

Enhance your communication skills through the power of assertiveness and learn to tackle difficult conversations with ease with ASU Career Launchpad 

Enrol in our live webinar 'Assertiveness and Tackling Difficult Conversations at Work' here 

Date: Monday, 21 August 

Time: 7:00pm

Presented by Monique Richardson 

Register here today 

This 1-hour course is designed to empower you with practical strategies that can be applied in various workplace scenarios.  

You will learn: 

How to develop a collaborative mindset to enhance professionalism. 

Effective communication skills to build better relationships. 

Conflict resolution skills to support harmonious workplaces. 

The ASU Career Launchpad Team are excited to support all ASU members to become confident and effective communicators! Reserve your spot now >> Register here.