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Union win: The $450 superannuation threshold has just been abolished.

You did this.

For years, ASU members campaigned to get super working for women. And overnight the Federal Government abolished the $450 earning threshold for super!


It is because of union members Scott Morrison finally fulfilled his promise.

What this means:

Anyone earning less than $450 per month from a single employer will now receive superannuation. For casual, young, lower-income and part-time workers, this makes a huge difference to their futures.

But it isn’t over yet.

Women in Australia have been failed by our super system with 1 in 3 retiring in poverty.

Help us get super working for everyone here.

To get super working for women and low paid workers, the government needs to:

  1. Implement the planned increase to 12%super immediately
  2. Close the gender super gap by paying super on paid parental leave, Government Carer and family payments.
  3. Enforce structures that encourage superannuation contribution sharing for single working parents.
  4. Fund government co-contribution top-ups for workers who are not on track for a decent retirement.

Together we can ensure working people are able to have a decent retirement,

Let’s keep up the momentum and Stand Up for Super! Sign here.