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Unions Have Won New Protections to Stop Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected at work.

Unions have won new protections to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination and promote safer workplaces.

After years of campaigning in the workplace, at an industry level and advocating at a federal level, we’ve won better protections to end gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment at work.  

All employers now must take action to prevent and stop harassment and discrimination.

Together we’ve won:

  • New protections to stop sexual harassment at work; employers will need to take active steps to make sure sexual discrimination doesn’t happen in the first place.
  • A positive duty on employers; requiring them to proactively prevent sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex
  • Stop Sexual Harassment orders; workers can now seek orders to stop sexual harassment through the Fair Work Commission.

It is no longer acceptable for employers to deal with discrimination and harassment after it becomes an issue.

These changes happened because union members, like you, campaigned for change. 

Find out more information in our icon ASU Workplace Guide to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and discrimination.