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Vaccine mandate for Schools, Correctional Centres and more

The Queensland government has now mandated that workers at schools, childcare centres, prisons, youth detention centres and airports must now be fully vaccinated by 23 Jan, with the first vaccine dose delivered by 17 Dec.

This mandate will cover many Together members in schools, Custodial Correctional Officers, Youth Detention workers, Airport workers and more. It’s important that you ensure you’re up to speed on what this new mandate means for you. 

Your union is holding zoom meetings for many members affected by the mandate. Check out the details below for information regarding your employer.

Schools members

On Wednesday 1 December, branch secretary Alex Scott held a zoom for Schools members affected by the vaccine mandate.

You can view the zoom below.


We know that being vaccinated against COVID-19 is one way to keep us safe, there are also other important considerations about ensuring everyone is safe at work and at school.

If you have specific questions you would like raised at the briefings please get in touch with us today at You can also contact the union office for support and advice as more details come through about the requirements.

We will provide as much information as we can, as quickly as we can.

Corrections members

Corrections members have also had a zoom briefing this week regarding the mandate. You can view the briefing below.

We want to hear from you as Corrections members about whether you support mandatory vaccinations or not.

Please complete this very quick  survey so we can understand Corrections members' positions on this issue.

Youth Detention members

The D-G has said in her email to staff "The definition of a worker includes Youth Detention Centre employees, contractors, union officials, volunteers, regulators, auditors, teachers, support workers, health workers and couriers.  Departmental staff visiting a youth detention centre will be considered a worker in a high risk setting even though they may only occasionally enter the setting as part of their work duties."

If you believe the mandate affects you and you have questions or concerns about the directive, please contact your union office on or 1800 177 244 and speak to union staff.