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What does a COVID mandate mean for Schools?

The Chief Health Officer has issued a new Health Direction which requires employees who work in schools to have had two vaccines by 23 January 2022.

If you have questions about the vaccine mandate for schools workers and not yet a Together member - join your union today.

This is a new requirement and unfortunately there is not a lot of detail provided yet by the Department as to how this will be managed and implemented.

What this new mandate means for schools workers has the been the focus of discussions for Together members employed in schools in the recent weeks. 

We know that being vaccinated against COVID-19 is one way to keep us safe, there are also other important considerations about ensuring everyone is safe at work and at school.

Union staff have been invited to attend stakeholder briefings about what this means and what will happen next – questions like: where should vaccination records be stored, how, how would you ask for an exemption are likely to be discussed at these stakeholder briefings 

Together members can access the Schools vaccine mandate briefings via the Together Schools website if you have missed any important information.

Remember as a union member you can have a say on how Together responds to issues like vaccine mandates. 

Together is a democratic union, it's important members have a say about the union position on issues like the roll out of mandatory vaccinations in your workplace.

If this issue or other matters in schools are important to you, now is a good time to become a Together member. You can join your union right now by clicking here.