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Your union fees in 2022 + Brisbane office move

As a union member you are helping to build better workplaces and better communities, across Queensland.

This work cannot succeed without your support, so thank you.

In the 2022/2023 financial year union fees will increase to support our union’s ability to campaign and win better wages and conditions. You can see the schedule of increased fees here.

Financial year 2022 Together membership fees

For most members the increase will be 2.5%, in line with the wage increases that members in the public service have won through collective bargaining agreements.

Members who are Custodial Corrections Officers pay an insurance levy to fund a group legal insurance policy. This levy has not been increased since 2020. In the 2022 financial year the levy will be increased to reflect the increased cost of the policy and the fact that Custodial Corrections members have won a wage increase including significant back pay.

Remember that union fees are 100% tax-deductible.

You can go online to find member discounts, benefits and ways you can save money through your union membership.

Also in administrative news – our Brisbane union office has officially moved! Our new office address is Level 4, 43 Peel Street, South Brisbane. All other contact details remain unchanged.

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