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Together branch of the ASU

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

As a member of Together ASU you have the bonus advantage of having Maurice Blackburn in your corner. We have a 100-year history of fighting for Australians to get a fair go. And we have fought alongside and on behalf of trade unions every step of the way. That's a century of providing successful and innovative legal advice to trade unions across Australia, covering workplace disputes, industrial action, good faith bargaining, breaches of awards and agreements, and union right of entry matters.

As a Together ASU member your membership gives you access to:

  • free telephone advice regarding Personal Injuries
  • free first consultation for all Personal Injury services
  • ‘no win, no fee'* for all Personal Injury services
  • discounted fees for Personal Injury services
  • an office close to your location
  • the creation of a free standard Will for you and your partner
  • access to our silica, asbestos, dust and occupational disease register

Our specialist team of lawyers can be relied upon to:

  • be available when you need us and rapidly respond
  • perform reliably and dependably
  • use our unparalleled geographic spread of offices throughout Australia
  • keep you updated with developments on the legal landscape which may have implications for your members, their risk exposures, and for your organisation
  • * achieve the highest volume of media coverage if necessary
  • * avoid any conflict of interest, or even the appearance of possible conflict remain loyal and discreet in our dealings with you

To find out more, including access to your free will service click here