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Together branch of the ASU

Member Advantage

We are doing this by offering a platform of member savings that will mean you can easily save more than your union fees each and every year.

As a Together ASU member you can access the Member Advantage services to make savings.


To find out more click on the link below to see the benefits:

 Member Advantage Member Login

Together ASU members are already making savings totalling more than $1000 a year through Woolworths and Coles electronic gift cards that are delivered directly to your email – often within hours of ordering.

Through registering with the Good Guys Commercial, members can access discounted pricing on the entire The Good Guys range – that’s great deals on over 4,000 products.

You can make up to a further 5% savings using a Good Guys electronic gift card as well!

We already know that when workplaces are union they get better wages and conditions - this page shows you how you can use your membership to save every day.