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Join our campaign for Reproductive Leave

We have had hundreds of members sign up to be activists for our reproductive leave campaign, and still hundreds more filling in our member survey. What’s clear is the significant impact that reproductive health can have on your working life – from stories of workers being unable to be far from a bathroom in case of unexpected flooding or leaking through tampons or pads; pushing through regular, debilitating pain; bleeding three weeks out of the month; needing multiple surgeries to try to reduce endometriosis symptoms; hot flushes, excessive sweating and an inability to control one’s temperature or environment; and the struggles of fertility challenges.

A shocking number of respondents considered leaving the workforce due to the lack of support in their workplace to manage their symptoms. Members reported feeling judged for having to regularly take leave to deal with symptoms out of their control. More still reported not being able to take leave, due to an inadequate balance, despite their symptoms.

Reproductive leave is a concept that is gaining ground worldwide and across the country. Members also told us that flexible work arrangements, environmental controls, and more understanding from their managers would also assist in continuing to be productive and supported throughout their working lives.

Reproductive health can affect us all – which is why a lot of conversations being had around the concept include procedures like vasectomies as well. However, similarly to domestic and family violence leave, many of us will be fortunate enough to never have to need access to something like reproductive leave. But for those who might need it, it could make a real difference.

If you’d like to join hundreds of other members in being part of this campaign, you can sign up here.