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Wages Matter in 2022 - be part of the campaign!

Wages have become the top issue for union members in 2022.

Union members in the public service have an unprecedented opportunity to campaign together to change government wages policy in 2022. At the same time, union members across the country have been campaigning for award wage rises that keep up with the cost of living.

This morning the Fair Work Commission determined that workers needed a wage increase of 4.6%, well above the state government's wage policy of 2.5%. The Fair Work Commission has also awarded a flat dollar increase of $40 per work, which is higher than 4.6% and further protects low paid workers.

The decision shows that workers cannot afford a wage increase of only 2.5% when prices are rising faster than they have for over two decades.

A 2.5% increase for Queensland public sector workers- in line with current government policy - with inflation taking off is a wage cut in real terms. Union members have said that's simply not good enough.

Be part of the campaign - register here.

With most of the public sector renegotiating their EB agreements this year, there is a real opportunity for the collective strength of union members to change the state government's wages policy.

Queensland public sector workers have been able to bargain for wages above their award.  They have won these higher rates through their collective power in campaigns.

That is why this year workers across the public sector and across unions will be campaigning for fair wage increases with a simple message that wage increases must at least match the increases in the cost of living.

Next week, members in Health, Education, TMR and more will be holding virtual meetings across Queensland to kick off the campaign for fairer wages. They will be coming together with members of other public sector unions to call on the state government to change wages policy so public sector workers don't fall behind.

Already 1500 members have joined the campaign - will you be part of this change?

These meetings will be held in Queensland hospitals, TMR centres, TAFEs, schools and more with a simple message that wages must keep up with cost of living.

It's not too late to register to attend a meeting in your workplace. Click here to join the campaign and register to attend.