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We are Together

Together is a union of 30,000 members. We campaign for fairer workplaces, quality public services, a better Queensland and real action on climate change.

We are workers uniting with the common purpose of improving pay and working conditions.

Our union is run by members, and our democratic structures mean members decide how our union works and where we invest resources to ensure the best possible outcomes for members. We work together to make a difference for our families, our co-workers, communities and friends.

Together has members in the Queensland public service including in Queensland Health, state schools, our correctional centres, our police stations and our child safety offices as well members across the broader Queensland public sector, including universities.

Together members also work in the private sector working as allied health professionals and administrative and clerical staff across Queensland. Together represents members in airlines, aged care, private hospitals, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services, call centres, private pathology and the legal industry.


Industrial Support

As Together member you will have access to the best industrial advice as well having Together represent you if you ever need it.

Together members never walk alone.

Access or learn more about Together's industrial support for members.

Our Campaigns close the gender pay gap and empower women

Our Campaigns

Together members campaign not just for fairer workplaces but also a better Queensland. Together has been at the forefront of the union movement's campaigns for quality public services as well as real action on climate change.

If you support a better Queensland and a fairer Australia, then being part of your union is important.

Find out more about what union members are campaigning on.


Better Wages

Together improves members' wages and conditions and works with other unions across the country through the National Wage Adjustment, changes to the modern awards and campaigning for better workplace rights.

Read about the campaigns Together members are working on right now!


Stay Informed

As a member of Together, you will have access to the latest information about your rights and entitlements through regular updates and access to the member only information on the website. You can talk to your local delegate about what is going on in your workplace and discuss issues that matter to you.

Read the latest workplace updates here.


Stronger Together

With 30,000 members in Queensland Together has the industrial strength to collectively bargain for better workplace conditions.

Be part of standing up for a better life at work.


Value for Money

Together members have access to a range of benefits including the free career launch pad training modules and the Member Advantage saving scheme.

Union members receive advice and advocacy in employment matters, the right to collectively negotiate wages, and a voice for workers. We promote and support workers’ rights specific to your agency or industry.

Read more about some of the benefits of being union. 

220325 1x1 Sharon Abbott Together President

As a union member you are part of a team that is always working to improve wages, conditions and our public services. Union members are a part of something bigger, standing up for not only our workplaces and our colleagues, but also for our communities.

Sharon Abbott
Together President