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Join the campaign and demand a pay rise

It’s time to demand a pay rise.

You and your colleagues standing together are powerful.

Each year the Fair Work Commission reviews the minimum wage, and the wages contained in awards, which impact millions of Australian workers.   

Today, Australian Services Union members are making a submission to the National Wage Case for a 5% wage increase.

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The cost of paying the bills keeps going up but our wages aren’t keeping up. We need a real pay increase to keep up and give workers peace of mind.

Your union is your voice for a pay rise at work, make sure you have a say in your wage increase. 

If the Government really want to address the cost of living crisis, it starts with making sure wages aren’t going backwards.

That’s why ASU members working in professional administration, aged care, disabilities, call centres and more are joining together to call for a 5% pay rise. Our jobs should give us the certainty that our wages will keep up with the cost of living and allow us to plan for the future.

A wage increase can only come about from union members working together.

Make sure you have a say in your wage increase.

Join our campaign and tell us what a 5% pay increase would mean for you.

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