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Your chance to secure higher wages

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Prices are set to increase even more, so wages must keep up

Queenslanders have been through some rough times, with the pandemic and the recent natural disasters. Global and national crises are driving up the cost of living - prices of things like fuel, housing and food.

You, your colleagues and other working people need a pay rise, to ensure a decent standard of living and make sure you can take care of your families.

The Fair Work Commission has commenced its Annual Wage Adjustment review for millions of Australian workers.

Admin workers like you need a pay increase, and you need a strong voice in this years review. Don't be left behind - speak up and be a part of making your life better. Your voice could change the outcome of this year's review.

The Annual Wage Review sets the minimum wage and award rates in Australia.

The Fair Work Commission decides on the increase to minimum wages. This decision is based on submissions from people and organisations like your union who are campaigning for a wage increase. There are also submissions from government and big business that oppose wage increases.

Union submissions are the only direct route for working people to be represented - make sure your voice is heard, and get involved.


Your chance for a wage increase is coming up: April 1 - July 1 is when wages are decided.

Every year, Australian unions demand an increase in minimum wage. They do this through a Fair Work Commission process: the Annual Wage Review.

Unions will be campaigning across Australia for a significant increase in wages. Big businesses, employer groups, and corporate lobbyists will be pushing for lower wages - so you need to stand up for you and your colleagues.


Life keeps getting more expensive for working people, and wages are not keeping up.

As your community continues to withstand the pandemic, natural disasters, and other unprecedented hurdles, it's important that you have savings in your back pocket to keep your household safe. You need a real increase in wages to make this happen.

By sharing your experiences about the rising cost of housing, travel, groceries and education, you can let the commission know that working Australians are worth more at work.


An increase in wages isn't just necessary, it's urgent, for most working people.

Join the campaign to stay in the loop and have your voice heard.